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GOSHEN – Over the past four years, Alvin Kennedy has gathered a large number of loyal customers who are eager to purchase new items from his booth at the 4-H Elkhart County Fair.

Kennedy de Kokomo has been an airbrush artist for nearly two decades, and his artwork has been airbrushed onto clothing such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as car tags. and license plates, to name a few.

He will personalize items for customers or use templates for popular pop culture designs or icons.

“I have clients who come to pick me up,” Kennedy said. “The first two years I was in the same place, but the last two were in different places, but people come looking for me. I like to serve people and provide good customer service. I even put a photo on a license plate for a client who asked if I could do something like this.

Kennedy said the top-selling and best-selling designs are “in memory of.”

“People love to see the faces of loved ones on shirts,” he said.

During the fair’s nine days, Kennedy looks forward to participating in two of his favorite parts of the fair – the games and the food.

Some of her favorite fairground dishes include a burger big enough for two, but says the best food overall is at the Main Street Grill.

“I love being here at the fair,” Kennedy said. “It’s funny.”

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