An eye for fashion illustration

How did you discover your talent for drawing and fashion illustration?

As far back as I can remember, there was always a pen and paper in my hand. I would draw all day. I stayed inside the house and drew my own, rather than playing outside with other children. I drew anything from landscapes to clothes, and enjoyed every minute of being alone – watching TV, with art materials and a bowl of cereal.

What can you say about your art?

I draw almost anything and everything that comes to mind. Random people portraits, still lifes, comics, anime, etc. But most of my illustrations are fashionable. I don’t really have a set artistic style when I illustrate, because it all depends on my mood. I see my work as pieces of what’s going on in my head, put on paper.

What message are you trying to convey with your art?

It all depends on my mood and my designs, since most of my designs are more about fashion – I make it a point to channel the mood of the dress throughout the composition of the illustration. Creating art that speaks for itself is not as easy as everyone thinks. It takes a lot of creativity, imagination and hard work to make a work of art stand out.

Do you plan to continue this line of work in the future?

Illustration has been my greatest passion and I love every minute I spend doing it. If I was given the opportunity to work as a fashion illustrator-artist, I would most likely go! But it was also my dream to become art director or creative director in a fashion magazine. Fashion and art both play a huge role in my life, and I really want to spend every day of my life doing the things I love. Isn’t that life?

Do you have any advice for budding artists?

Practice certainly makes perfect. When you are still starting out in drawing, you really have to work on it every day. You’ll be surprised how your work improves every time you draw. Over time (and after a lot of paper), you’ll find out what your art style is, as well as what kind of art you’re passionate about. It’s about finding what you’re really good at and perfecting it from there. Remember to dream; it helps.

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