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Who is? Brian L. Bartlebaugh Jr.

“38-year-old artist, amateur architect, apprentice carpenter, maker and master of non-linear thinking for life”. Influenced by hotrod comic magazine Cartoons George Trosley and Big Daddy Ed Roth, The Pizz Jeral Tidwell Newt and hundreds of other artists. Favorite Friday afternoon I hang out at Frost Park in Tacoma with all my Chalkie friends and stay longer to finish a 1 ‘to 17’ chalk mural that comes to life. With the help of my twins, I won the award for best illustrator in the universe of Tacoma season 3. Thank you to all my family and friends and the zombie voting army now for the seasons spent thinking about trains. in chalk. That’s a 250 ton tuff with 4,400 hp and 25,700 lb of torque at over 50 mph. This is why the sonar stripes are wavy. My hobbies are chasing trains and drawing and painting graffiti every hour of the night, breaking every detail and color into one piece. Nothing is sure if he stays still long enough, I am going to paint him, the shoes, the chairs, the walls are not very fast. I work in almost all mediums graphite all paint love oils and airbrush pen and ink custom murals recycled materials sculpture and comics that we all need to laugh at.


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