Brighton cartoonist dies aged 87

A SATIRICAL cartoonist whose sketches featured in The Argus for many years has died aged 87.

Peiter Smart of Totland Road, Brighton, found success as an artist, with much of his work selling in the United States.

He became a figurehead in Brighton and Hove for his witty cartoons in The Argus, which put a comic spin on the news of the day.

A devoted family man, Peiter had four children, Linda, Tim, Verity and Holly – and spent 27 happy years with his partner, Janet.

smart peter

Verity Craig, owner of Bohemia restaurant in Brighton, said her father would like to be remembered as a creative and happy man.

“I don’t want to speak for the whole family as we all interpret people differently, but he was funny, cheeky and artistic. He was very much in his style and was clean,” she said.

“He was above all a father and a grandfather, with many children.”

Early in his life, Peiter was an avid motorcycle racer, competing in speed events across the country.

His love of speed began at a young age when he was chasing ambulances through Brighton on his bike during the Second World War.

The Argus: one of Peiter's cartoonsOne of Peiter’s cartoons

Peiter then joined the RAF and took his role very seriously. He worked in the field and was often heard to say “the guys in the sky were protecting the civilians on the ground, and it was my job and my comrades’ job to keep those guys up there safe”.

The Argus: Peiter with his granddaughter Daisy-May CraigPeiter with his granddaughter Daisy-May Craig

He lived a colorful life, perhaps most notably as an artist under the pseudonym PEET, a career in which he became internationally recognized. But it was his witty cartooning that caught his attention in Brighton and Hove during the 1970s and 80s.

Later in life he worked at the Brighton Center as a lighting technician, where he once lit Shirley Bassey’s show. The star then thanked him personally for his work.


“He was always doing his art, always making new stuff for the family,” Verity said.

“He always seemed much younger than he was.”

Peiter died after a short period of hospitalization with Covid-19.

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