Canberra Times and ACM cartoonist David Pope win Walkley Award for Vax’s Rollout | Canberra time

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Canberra Times and ACM cartoonist David Pope has won another prestigious Walkley Award. Pope won Best Cartoon for Vax’s Rollout, a take on the federal government’s challenges with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. The cartoon is also featured in the Behind the Lines exhibition. “During the 2021 Tour de France, a thoughtless passerby caused a major accident with a cardboard sign, creating a viral moment that the cartoonists took advantage of. In this case, David Pope uses it to highlight the role of the federal government in the supply of vaccines for states to administer,” the exhibit says. Pope has also been nominated multiple times for Walkley Awards, and also won in 2015 for an iconic cartoon drawn in response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. in France. This cartoon was seen by millions of people on social media and, in the words of the Walkley Foundation, “became one of the most recognized responses to the shootings. Pope also won 12 Stanley Awards for the cartoon, including the three-time Gold Stanley for Cartoonist of the Year Pope, who grew up in the ACT, joined the Canberra Times as a staff artist in 2008 when he replaced Geoff Pryor In a article published in 2019, Pope compares himself to a jester (or a clown or a professional imbecile) authorized to make fun of. He speaks the hard truth to power, even if he makes you smile. As he said: “You are part of the newspaper, but the role is also to be a bit of an outsider, to get away and not just be a slave to the news of the day – to wander off into the field left or right field.” Pope appears regularly in The Canberra Times and many other ACM publications from Tuesday to Sunday. Canberra Times digital subscribers can get exclusive insight into Pope’s daily cartoon through a regular newsletter. READ MORE: ACM reporter wins Walkley for his youth mental health campaign


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