Cartoon denigrates Muslim men and women The Daily Cartoonist

On August 16, L’Acadie Nouvelle, described on Wikipedia as an independent French newspaper published in Caraquet, New Brunswick, released this cartoon…..

Haha, right? Violence against women. Grated. Appropriation of people by force. Classic comedy. I love

Needless to say, outrage is growing among communities, especially Middle Eastern/Arab ones as this circulates.

It’s an incredibly ignorant and lazy work of the artist, at BEST, and at worst, a sign of something much more, a recurring problem in society that we can never fully address, and a problem in this journal , given that it was cleared for publication.

Marcel Boudreaux’s cartoon depicts a caveman dragging a woman next to an image of a man wearing a turban and holding a gun, using a leash to pull a woman wearing a burqa.

Hafsa Mohammed, a Moncton-based activist, said the cartoons “turn into something and degrade Muslim women.”

The cartoon was quickly removed from the newspaper’s website, but can still be found in digital and print editions of the Wednesday newspaper.

[Inda Intiar] wrote a letter to the editorial team on Thursday laying out her concerns, saying she “finds it incredibly disappointing that neither the cartoonist nor the people who agreed to publish it see the issues with her.”

In response, Francis Saunier, the newspaper’s editor and general manager, told Global News in French: “The cartoon was a commentary on the behavior of the Taliban in a particular part of the world, Afghanistan. Nothing else.”

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