Conflict settled: renowned cartoonist Lukaku on Chelsea conflict

Conflict closed: famous cartoonist Trolls Lukaku on conflict with Chelsea

End of conflict between Lukaku and Chelsea / / romelulukaku

Famous Jordanian designer Omar Momani has made Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku the main character in one of his works. This time the photo was of London’s Chelsea relationship.

Cartoonist inspired by the Lukaku conflict

Lukaku stands in the photo with tears in his eyes in front of Chelsea’s symbol – a blue lion. It all happens to the famous American musician Prince’s song “Purple rain”

The song begins with the lines: “I never wanted to upset you, I never wanted to hurt you …”

The conflict is over: the famous cartoonist Lukaku on the conflict with Chelsea

Caricature of Omar Momani / artist’s instagram

Lukaku conflict at Chelsea

  • The Belgian striker was not included in the roster for the game against Liverpool. Media reported that the reason for the move could be a recent interview with Lukaku, where he said he was extremely unhappy with his position at the London club.
  • Chelsea mentor Thomas Tuchel has expressed outrage at the striker’s comments and stressed that Romelu should not have expressed your displeasure publicly.
  • The coach explained why the Belgian footballer did not play against Liverpool.
  • Tuchel was also supported by Chelsea players. Footballers have stressed that they do not understand Romelu’s decision.
  • The aristocratic mentor said the team have closed the topic regarding striker Romelu Lukaku. The footballer apologized and started training.

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