Eisner Awards Hall of Fame designer Goseki Kojima announces two NFT artworks


“Exhibited at the TROPHEE, in collaboration with SOZO COMICS”

TOKYO, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Goseki Productions has decided to release NFT art for fans around the world based on over 65,000 original artwork by Tsuyu Kojima managed by Trophee. The first two NFT works of art are “Goseki- Female Ninja Oboro” and “Goseki- Samurai”. These coins can be purchased through a members-only auction at Trophy.xyz. To participate in these auctions, users must also purchase a membership card on Trophy.xyz.

Goseki – Female Ninja Oboro

Goseki Productions based at Tokyo manages the copyrights of the late manga artist Goseki Kojima, famous for his works in period dramas. The Eisner Awards are a prestigious award that recognizes designers inducted into the Hall of Fame. Goseki will exhibit NFT art on TROPHEE, via SOZO COMICS. With the motto “Artist Direct, Digital First”, SOZO COMICS digitally distributes Japanese manga works around the world by planning and developing various NFT products using NFT art and blockchain technology.

Goseki - Samurai

Goseki – Samurai

Goseki Kojima, born in a painter’s house, got his start as a manga artist after working as a book rental manga artist while drawing pictures on film panels and picture story shows. His representative works include “lone wolf and Cub “,” Samurai Executor “,”Musashi Miyamoto“, and many other graphic novel style manga. In 2004, he entered the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame.

TROPHEE established and operated one of the largest NFT manga marketplaces in the world, with the beta of the marketplace open to the public since July 2021. They also released their own staking token called MANGA TOKEN, which featured an initial exchange offer and an initial DEX offer in August 2021.

Goseki Productions: https://www.gosekipro.com
https://www.trophee.xyz (NFT Marketplace Beta)


SOURCE Trophee Pte Ltd

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