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Drawing on style: three masters of elegance, New York’s premier fashion illustration art exhibition, will be held September 5-10 during the city’s annual fashion week. London’s Fashion Curator Connie Gray MCA gray gallery has collected a total of 60 pieces: half of the late Kenneth Paul Block, who worked extensively for W magazine, among others, and the rest of contemporary artists Jason Brooks and Bil Donovan, Christian Dior’s in-house illustrator.

Gray points out the difference between fashion designs – which are sketches of clothing in the making – and fashion illustrations, which celebrate finished tailoring. “Illustrators, for many years, have worked hand in hand with photographers,” she says. “Now [illustration] looks fresher than the photograph and stands out much more on the page.

Highlights of the exhibition will include Block’s 1965 YSL study for fashion savages by John Fairchild (estimated at $ 3,000) and Beauty story (estimated at $ 5,000). “Block was more interested in line and position than beauty, which is why he was so revered,” says Gray. “He didn’t follow the tradition of making everything absolutely perfect. He could be quite harsh at times in the way he interpreted a look. That’s what made him great.

Photo: Courtesy

Brooks Chanel Boots 2017—A signed archival giclee monoprint that is expected to fetch $ 2,500 —is another striking piece, rendered in red and black silhouette with the subject’s boots adding a splash of crisp white. “[Brooks is] masterful in the way he manipulates his images, and the fact that he works in silhouettes brings impact and visual power to his art, ”says Gray.

Donovan’s works will include Dior II and Viktor & Rolf 2017, Luxury Magazine, the latter a mixed medium on paper which should bring in $ 2,300. Both pieces demonstrate the artist’s mastery of subtlety and color. “He hardly ever uses a pencil,” says Gray. “He paints without an underlying sketch. It’s very spontaneous, and that’s what fashion is: spontaneous.

image by Bil Donovan titled Dior Classic 2014 Victor, Rolf, featured in Luxure magazine

Exhibition lots for Drawing on style: three masters of elegance will be presented in preview aboard the Cunard Line Queen mary 2 from August 31. The actual exhibition will take place at Manhattan’s Cheryl Hazan Gallery from September 5 to 10.

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