Fashion illustration series by Shweta Malhotra from Lakme India Fashion Week

Shweta Malhotra
“The idea for the illustrations basically stems from one of my online graphic design experiences – – where I basically create and post some sort of graphic/design artwork every day. So when the Lakme India Fashion Week started, I started doing these illustrations – one of my everyday favorite pieces. In the end, it turned into a series of 10 illustrations which I then decided to post on my blog.

Plus, I’ve always been very interested and passionate about fashion, and I like to think I have a flair for it. As a result, I always try to marry graphic design and fashion in different ways. And this would be one of those attempts. It was a super fun project for me, following fashion week and then curating my favorite looks and illustrating them.”

And what about his personal style and his selection process for the series?

“My favorite designer collections of the 2014 resort would be Payal Khandwala, Sailex and Pratima Pandey.

My personal style is very graphic, minimalist, relaxed and sometimes androgynous. I tend to opt for more comfortable, anti-fit and relaxed silhouettes. I guess that aesthetic also translated into picking my favorite looks to create this series.”

Scroll to see the ten illustrations that made the cut:

I.Purvi Doshi


II. Sailex


III. Nishka Lulla


IV. Payal Khandwala


V.Krishna Mehta


VI. Huemn


VII. Pratima Pandey


VIII. Sailex


IX. Payal Khandwala


X. Payal Khandwala



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