Katy cartoonist cartoons Astros fans at World Series

By George Slaughter, Editor

The Houston Astros’ World Series victory is a memorable thing, but Katy’s Bob Doll can be forgiven if he sees things differently.

After all, he is a designer.

For the World Series and the American League Championship Series that preceded it, Doll sat outside Minute Maid Park, drawing caricatures of fans. The Astros hired him to be part of the festivities, and he worked not only home games, but away games as well.

“There were fan parties before every playoff game during the ALCS and the World Series,” Doll said. “Even away games, because they had watch parties there for those. I would sit at street parties, fan parties, just outside the park and draw people’s caricatures with the makeup artists. They had a live band there. They did moonwalks and some of the cheerleaders are out there taking selfies with everyone. They had food trucks. It was just a good time. It was a hoot.

Doll was at Monday’s championship celebration but admitted he wasn’t wearing his Astros shirt. He said he was in the wash.

But, as you’d expect after a championship, there’s plenty of Astros gear for everyone.

“I was working at Minute Maid Park yesterday (Sunday) when they opened the store there at the stadium, the Astros store, and this line was going around the stadium and they were selling these shirts for $125,” said Doll. “And there was a line. Boy, I’ll tell you what. You can get these things at the Academy for much less.

Doll moved to Houston with her family in 1979 from Memphis. He was then a student and graduated in 1981 from Stratford High School. He served as a field radio operator in the Marines and now runs Dollhouse Window Cleaning in Katy.

He said he spends about half his time focusing on his artwork and working in his guest bedroom, which serves as his studio.

“I was an artist since I was a child, like all children, but growing up I continued to draw and spent most of my adult life not realizing I could earn money. money doing this,” Doll said. “People buy this stuff. And so, I just started doing cartoons because it’s quick money. It’s money I could make right away. I also do things other than caricatures, like humorous illustrations. I make animated whiteboard videos for YouTube. I did a few logos for people here and there. It was only until recently due to certain circumstances that I really picked it up almost all the time. It seems like every weekend now I draw somewhere.

Doll became an Astros fan when he came to Texas. He said he’s not exactly a rabid fan, but they’re still fun to watch. He has attended games at the Astrodome, but until recently had never visited the team’s current home, Minute Maid Park, where the team began play in 2000.

As for the World Series, Doll said he knew the Astros had a better team than Philadelphia, but there were moments of concern.

“To be honest with you, I was a bit worried when they dropped that first game, then in game 3 they got kicked out, so yeah, that was a big blow for me,” Doll said. “But I knew they were the better team. I knew they would take him out, but the anxiety in me was still there. When they came back to Houston with a 3-2 series lead, I knew that we had it.

Doll also published a book, in March 2021, titled “Shut Up & Draw: A Journey to Creativity”.

“Well, there are several reasons why I wrote it,” Doll said. “Everyone always wants to write a book, right? Everyone always says they’re going to write a book and I decided, I think I have enough material at least to put something through written, and it sort of turned into an autobiographical humorous illustration book.

Doll said the book both contained humorous illustrations and also depicted her early life in drawing.

“The thing I was trying to give it a bend that you don’t have to draw,” Doll said. “It’s just what you do, whether it’s selling houses or writing a newspaper or selling shoes or whatever. You have to want to do it and the more you do it the better off you become. You don’t really have to do what everyone says you have to do. You’re just doing what you’re good at.

Doll also does commissioned artwork. He can be reached through his website, bobdoll.weebly.com.

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