Lucien De Gieter joins the TDC Senior Strippers Club

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Lucien De Gieter joins the TDC senior stripper club

Lucien de Gieterborn September 4, 1932, is 90 years old today
and becomes one of the Daily Cartoonist’s senior strippers.

Lucien’s entry at Comiclopedia Lambiek:

Lucien De Gieter is a Belgian comics artist, since the 1960s a leading artist for Spirou magazine and best known for his ‘Papyrus’ comic series.

De Gieter began his association with Spirou magazine in 1961 and published his first comic strips in the magazine’s center print mini-book collection. He has written several stories for artists such as Eddy Ryssack, Jem, Francis and Kiko, and he has also created his own comic about the little cowboy ‘Pony’ in this section.

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De Gieter went to work for Peyo’s studio on Avenue de Boetendael in Uccle in mid-1965. He helped ink ‘Les Schtroumpfs’ until 1968 and made new gags with ‘Poussy’ at from 1969.

His series “Tôôôt et Puit”, on a young pearl fisherman and a mermaid, was published in Spirou from 1966, and “Pony” also found its place in the regular pages of the magazine in 1968.

An index of comics by Lucien published in Siprou.

From the Papyrus wiki:

In 1974, the first pages of “Papyrus” were released by SPIROU. This Egyptian saga quickly turns into a classic, the success of which even allows its author to visit the country from which he draws his inspiration for a long time and several times. Under the revealing title of “The Wonderful Adventures of Papyrus”, these albums recount the tribulations of the young fisherman Papyrus and Princess Théti Chéri, daughter of the pharaoh Merenptah, in a reconstruction of ancient Egypt at the time.

Happy birthday Lucian!

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