Meet the people behind Elle India and an angry cartoonist


On October 31, Elle India published an article targeting Hindus for speaking out against brands that target Hindu culture and festivals. Hindu outrage angered the magazine and the author who wrote the article as they tried to portray Hindus as bad guys for not letting the brands “creatively run wild”.

The question here is whether outrage can irritate someone so much that they decide to paint Hindus as bad guys? There must be something deeply ingrained in the intellectual sense among the people behind Elle India and this particular relationship that has caused the unrest.

OpIndia decided to dig the profiles of a few people related to the article, Elle and the illustration they used. First of all, let’s talk about Ruman Baig, the author of the so-called satirical article titled “Politics Of Shades & Silhouettes – India’s Latest Fashion Trend”. Baig has a very limited presence on Twitter, but it’s more than enough to reveal his thought process. While doing our own research, we noticed that Vijay Patel, an investigative journalist, also dug a bit of history on her.

Ruman, who has now locked her profile, doesn’t tweet a lot, but loves to retweet “prominent” intellectuals and journalists on Twitter. One of the notable names among these was Afreen Fatima. In the tweet Baig retweeted in August, Fatima spoke in favor of Sharjeel Imam, the same person who spoke about cutting Assam off from the rest of India during anti-CAA protests. This is the same Afreen Fatima who spat venom against Hindus and the verdict of Ram Mandir in the past.

Messages retweeted by Ruman Baig. Source: Twitter.

Another interesting person she retweeted was Puneet Sharma, who criticized Hindus for targeting Muslims in India. In the tweet, he wrote that Muslims and Muslim things are like drugs for Hindus. If for some reason everything related to Muslims were to disappear from India, Hindus would have withdrawal symptoms.

The tweets she liked give better insight into her ideology.

Examples of posts liked by Ruman. Source: Twitter

Now we come to Elle’s digital editor, Ainee Nizami Ahmadi. She has also locked her profile since outrage at Elle’s article. Digital publishers are responsible for content delivered on any brand’s digital platform, in this case Elle. Again, she has a limited presence on Twitter. However, in December 2020, she retweeted a post from Aysha Renna where Renna, along with other women, was standing in a vehicle during anti-CAA protests and throwing anti-India slogans.

Messages retweeted by Ainee Nizami Ahmedi. Source: Twitter

Under Ahmadi, the illustration on Elle’s Instagram account was posted in which Hindus were seen closing the shutters of FabIndia and other brands. The illustration was created by one Lord_VoldeMaut, a 19-year-old “artist” who often posts anti-Hindu content on Twitter and Instagram. Now here’s a capture. The “artist” claimed that She… wait… STOLE THE WORK! The illustration would have been posted without her permission on Elle’s Instagram account.

To give Elle a few points here, they gave credit to the artist and marked her account. But their label backfired on the poor artist when a wave of critics approached him and verified the type of content he had posted. Lord_VoldeMaut has deactivated his Twitter account and locked his Instagram account.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Lord_VoldeMaut published a whole series of contentious posts throughout the month of October under the guise of “#Inktober” which is a hashtag used by artists to post new works every day in the month. of October.

Anti-Hindu illustrations by the same artist. Source: Twitter

In an article only available in the form of screenshots on social networks, the artist had arrested Elle for having published her work without her permission. He alleged that after the outrage, Elle deleted the writer’s name from the post but kept his name intact which directed criticism to him.

An alleged post by the artist where he claimed that Elle India had used his work without permission. Source: Twitter

BTW, the artist is back with a modified grip as comrade_Kira.

The artist changed his Twitter handle to Comrade_Kira

Another person associated with Elle who raised eyebrows is publisher Arif Ayyub, brother of so-called journalist Rana Ayyub. Although he has little presence on Twitter, he often shares reports and posts about his sister on her Facebook account. While Rana is extremely vocal against the government, it appears the other Ayyub has softened his voice on social media but feels free to spread anti-Hindu material through the magazine.

Screenshot of Arif Ayyub’s FB profile. Source: Facebook
Screenshot of Arif Ayyub’s FB post where he mentions Rana Ayyub as his sister. Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, Elle India deleted the controversial cartoon from her social media account after receiving backlash about it.

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