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Ron Barlow – RIP

Classic comics compiler, editor and editor Ron Barlow left us.

Ron Barlow
January 1, 1949 – August 9, 2022

The news fell on Ron’s Facebook page:

I just learned that an old friend died of cancer. It saddens me more than I thoughtRest in peace Ron Barlow. He was a talented and creative man, the world is a lesser place without him.

It was Ron Barlow who gave me my first reading of EC comics.

Working first with Woody Gelman and later with Bruce Hershenson, Ron was part of an early effort to bring young and enthusiastic fans classic comics from before they started reading the fun books.

From Joel Pollack:

Ron worked as an editor at Woody Gelman’s Nostalgia Press, where he edited hardcover reprints of classic comics, including Alex Raymond’s best Flash Gordon strips. Nostalgia Press is where Ron published EC: Horror Comics of the 1950s.

During those early years, Ron even managed to write a comic story, in EC tradition of course.

Of Bruce Hershenson:

Fast forward to the end of 1971. I was in college and hated it, and spent most of my time buying and selling comics, completely supporting myself. That’s when Ron Barlow came back into my life in a big way. He had gone to work for Woody Gelman, the visionary who first saw a market for deluxe hardcover reprints of classic comic books.

One of those books was about EC Comics, and while editing it, Ron caught Bill Gaines’ attention, and they became great friends, despite being decades old.

…Ron then suggested that we approach Bill with the “crazy” idea of ​​reprinting the original EC comics as full-color comics (the very first time fans have done this for ANY comics company ), and to our amazement, Bill accepted!

This led to… Ron and I are co-publishing 12 issues of color reprints of EC comics over the next two years, under our “East Coast Comix” label (we got the catchy name from a longtime friend of Ron , Joel Pollack!). Unfortunately, there just weren’t enough comic book collectors to fully support the project, and we folded it after 12 glorious issues!

Naturally, I picked up all 12 issues of Ron’s East Coast EC Classic Reprint series.

As editor, Ron would give us more EC and Berni Wrightson EC tribute comix.

As Bruce notes, Ron went far beyond the comics.

After that, I was partnered with Ron in a vintage clothing business in Baltimore.

Ron had also discovered vintage movie posters.

In the late 1980’s Ron moved to Santa Fe and started selling antiques.

Before and during Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Ron edited poster books.

And Ron didn’t just promote artists, he was an artist.

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