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Dubai Design Week Grad Show Showcases Projects That Transform Lives and the Planet

DUBAI: Dubai Design Week (DDW) kicked off its seventh edition on November 8 with a busy schedule for art and design lovers.

One of DDW’s key exhibits is the MENA Grad Show, which showcases innovative projects in technology, science and design from universities in the region, with a handful of projects from beyond.

The show highlights projects focused on improving and transforming lives and the planet, while the larger Global Grad Show highlights projects beyond the region in a virtual exhibit.

MENA Grad Show presents innovative projects in the fields of technology, science and design from universities in the region. (Arab News)

The physical exhibition, which runs until November 13, will allow visitors to meet the graduates, learn about the ideas behind their work and understand how students from different disciplines, from architecture to chemistry and in electrical engineering, address complex social and environmental issues.

In an interview with Tadeau Caravieri – the director of the Global Grad Show, which is an initiative of the Art Dubai group – he said that this exhibition has three main advantages for students: “Promotion”, “understanding the possibilities” and “professional development. . “

“Since 2015, we have been presenting these ideas on an international stage, giving visibility to people and researchers who are developing solutions that would otherwise not be seen outside of the university campus,” said Caravieri.

The physical exhibition runs until November 13 (Arab News)

When it comes to “understanding the possibilities,” he explained that “for the students who make it to the final selection, understanding what the other 150 people are doing and looking for is quite empowering as they can see the different angles that people use to tackle the same type of problem.

He added: “Since 2019, we have our own entrepreneurship program which helps students advance their innovations to follow a structured process to go to market.”

Caravieri said it was a banner year in terms of nominations and diversity, with organizers receiving more than 2,600 nominations from more than 70 countries, representing more than 460 universities. For the online exhibition, they selected 150 ideas from 211 students representing 52 countries.

The show highlights projects focused on improving and transforming lives and the planet. (Arab News)

The MENA Grad Show received 300 applications from 41 universities in the Middle East and North Africa region, and 60 of them are featured at the Dubai Design District physical exhibition.

Caravieri said some of the highlights of the Global Grad Show include innovation by students from Zhejiang University in China. It is a ball that can detect signs of life in areas affected by natural disasters.

From the MENA Grad Show, he said that an interesting idea was created by students at the American University in Cairo. It is an app that organizes the routine of dementia patients and supports therapy.

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