Taiwanese cartoonist sued for public portrayal of child sexual abuse | Taiwan News


The Taiwanese cartoonist quickly deleted the comic from her Facebook page after receiving a backlash. (Plurk screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Famous Taiwanese cartoonist is being sued for sharing a comic strip depicting herself and her husband ‘tasting’ their baby’s genitals, reported UDN Wednesday (August 25).

Although the couple in question denied sexual assault charges during an official investigation, prosecutors charged both the cartoonist and her husband with aggravated sexual assault, carrying a minimum sentence of seven years in prison. .

The cartoonist is also charged with “producing electronic signals showing a child engaging in sexual intercourse or obscene acts” and faces an additional sentence ranging from one to seven years in prison.

The cartoonist posted the comic on her Facebook page in June and immediately received so many reactions that she deleted the post and apologized.

In a discussion thread on Plurk, users discussing the issue of children’s bodily autonomy said that many Asian parents require their children to accept physical contact from family members – such as hugs, kisses, and cheek pressure – but that adults must respect the will of children.

Users of PTT (a popular online forum in Taiwan) also job a meme criticizing how adults often proudly show off boys ‘genitals with family and even strangers, but sharing images of girls’ genitals would be considered ‘sick’, highlighting the double standards still deeply entrenched in society modern.

While most social media users found the incident extremely disturbing and “disgusting,” some users said they didn’t find it a big deal because the baby won’t remember what happened. has passed.

Earlier this year in February, a similar incident was reported when a male friend of a little boy’s grandfather held the boy’s genitals in his mouth. The baby’s mother stood up for the man, claiming that her son was not injured, and the man was ultimately not prosecuted because he “did it while having fun and not with sexual assault intentions “.

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