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To coincide with London Fashion Week, Gray is staging Draw on style, an annual exhibition of rare original drawings at Duke Street’s Gallery 8. Unseen works by greats such as René Gruau – the man behind Federico Fellini’s poster design The good life and Antonio Lopez – famous for his hedonistic New York lifestyle and his coterie of “Antonio daughters,” including Grace Jones – will sit alongside new work from contemporaries such as Jason Brooks, whose clients include Chanel and Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld and artist Christian Dior. -Residence Bil Donovan.

René Bouet-Willaumez. Cover of Vogue US. March 1, 1937.René Bouet-Willaumez. Cover of US Vogue March 1, 1937.jpg

The digital landscape aided Gray in his quest. “The runway collections are much more accessible via live streams, which allows illustrators to interpret them without having to be at the show,” she notes. “Contemporary illustrators have a huge impact because their work is visible on social media. Old-fashioned illustrations, by comparison, are much harder to find, because “once they got printed in magazines, their job was actually done.” Kenneth Paul Block – the former in-house artist for Fairchild Publications, owner of Daily women’s clothing – and Lopez, however, always demanded that their art be theirs, and so the estates of artists have built up vast collections of their works. However, it is not always easy to remove coins from their keepers.


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